About Us

Getting Direct Access to HR Consultants and Recruiters Has Never Been Easier

HRfrenzy.com is the ultimate environment where organizations and freelance/interim HR services providers can connect for business. HRfrenzy.com helps foster positive business relationships, saves organizations lots of money, puts money in the pockets of HR professionals and provides top freelance/interim HR talent to procurers of services.

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine having a need to conduct harassment investigation next week in four different locations - all you do is go to the platform, search by expertise, location and quality of reviews. You are ready to go with top consultants at a fraction of the price and a fraction of the time.

Why We Created HRfrenzy.com

HRfrenzy.com recognizes the need to bridge the gap in the talent management industry between freelance service providers and buyers. Our goal is to change the industry forever by empowering HR consultants, recruiters and buyers of their services alike.

What are the Benefits to You?

Companies hire consultants all the time and use firms to contract with them. These firms are often intermediaries that source adjunct consultants, vet and vouch for their capabilities. For that, companies pay a premium that can often exceed double or triple the cost of the consultant.

With HRfrenzy.com, consultants are vetted by other buyers of services, you get to see it online, you select the consultant you want, and you save money!